What Do Clients Look For in Market Research?

As clients build their market research strategies, they have varying sets of objectives to meet. These objectives may be business related, such as increasing market share after the launch of a new product, or painting an accurate picture of the core demographic to improve an advertising campaign. However, before working with a firm to conduct online market research, both internal and external clients have another checklist of priorities and expectations moving forward. In addition to the final report that conveys actionable results that provide value to the organization, researchers must also maximize client satisfaction along the way in order to be successful.


Before getting started, it is important for clients and researchers to be on the same page about a campaign and what results can be achieved. Be clear about the research plan and timeline so that everyone shares the same expectations. At the same time, it is the research team’s duty to convey any possibility of unexpected results or events before the plan is implemented. Negative surprises during the process aren’t fun for anyone, and openness is the key to being able to achieve the stated objectives.


Clients and researchers need to be able to communicate effectively; otherwise, the plan is doomed to fail. During initial expectation meetings, set up a communication schedule that works for all parties, including the frequency of status updates, and the preferred method and point of contact moving forward. Clients need to be in the loop during the research phase and expect relative ease when it comes to communication. When the time comes to deliver the results, clients do not want to sit through lengthy presentations and have numbers thrown around. Instead, being able to tell a story with the results in a way that conveys actionable insight is far more valuable.

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Ultimately, clients understand the big picture and want the research campaign to add to that picture. However, that means that it is up to the research supplier to craft a plan that maximizes value on limited resources, while providing results that are new and impressive. Clients look for suppliers that are proactive and experts in the industry. Due to shrinking timelines and the need for quick turnarounds, clients partner with those that understand and work around their needs.

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When conducting online market research, clients want to work with firms that have expertise in the field. As more traditional research methodologies give way to faster and more efficient communication online, it is necessary for research firms to offer a unique approach that will result in the highest quality data. Thorough data analysis is extremely important as well. As mentioned before, telling a story is more important than presenting endless spreadsheets of information. Simple to understand infographics and charts support the story, and are easily accessed in the decision making process that follows.

Clients want research done right by professionals who know how to access the target market. Knowing the audience and collecting data, either through surveys, interviews, or online focus groups, helps both sides achieve their goals. Learn more about market research online and how the resources can benefit your organization by contacting an expert at e-FocusGroups at (707) 585-7363.

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