Focus Groups

Focus Groups refer to a qualitative research approach for hearing from your customers or business prospects, whether they be consumers or B2B. Qualitative research refers to an open-ended approach in which we are seeking relatively raw, spontaneous reactions from our respondents. This is as contrasted to quantitative research, which as the name implies, involves gathering data that can be measured numerically, such as survey data. Qualitative research usually involves relatively small sample sizes whereas quantitative research requires samples large enough to make statistical inferences about large populations. Both approaches have their unique strengths and limitations. e-FocusGroups offers both research methodologies.

These days, Focus Groups may be in-person, face-to-face, or online.  Online focus groups may be text-based, phone-phone based, or utilize the audio/video capabilities of devices such as desktop computers, smart phones, or tablets. Focus groups are a great way to get unvarnished, spontaneous input from respondents. Focus groups lend themselves well to the use of a variety of projective approaches designed to get beneath conscious biases and tap more unfiltered, relatively unconscious reactions. Focus Groups are effective for product testing, idea generation, ad testing, concept testing, page-design testing, user-interface testing, website testing, pricing exploration, and much more.

Online Focus Groups eliminate the costs and hassle associated with traveling to different markets for traditional face-to-face groups. Using Online Focus Groups, we can bring together respondents from all over the country, or all over the world, into a single group, or multiple groups.

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