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I totally can’t believe this. How awesome! So much has happened in the past week, you will never begin to imagine how much of a blessing this is. Thank you so much!

Val FyffeMartha, KY

I’m one of those skeptical new yorkers you hear about. whenever i read ‘you can win’, i think ‘yeah, right’. well, guess what. i actually did win (my first prize ever), so now i will be doing more sweeps surveys than paid ones! like they say: ‘ya gotta be in it, to win it’


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I am glad that I actually took the time to answer all your questions pertaining to luxury cars as I feel that this is a relevant and socially-conscious survey for the consumer market. Luxury cars are an important market especially for upwardly mobile individuals.

Hans GaluteraNew York, NY

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Brian Stark

WOW! I just can’t believe that I was one of the five people chosen for the $200 prize. The survey on luxury cars was fun to do, Christmas came early this year!

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I was so happy to hear from you! When I heard that there would be five random winners I never even considered that I would be one of them. Thanks so much!

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I was truly surprised to find out I was a winner for filling out such a short and easy to complete survey!

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I can’t believe I got chosen & then paid to take part in a group – it was organized, easy to participate & fun!

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I very much enjoyed participating in a recent e-focus group discussion, it was informative,entertaining, and rewarding

Edward PalumboWarwick, RI