Client Comments


David, I’m quite pleased with your work and hopefully we’ll find new opportunities to collaborate in the future.

Carlos NaviaTVGroup Digital Iberia, Madrid, Spain

Fabulous report. FABULOUS. one of the best I have ever read from a focus group. And so easy to digest in the way you delivered the findings.

Wayne BuderConsultant/Brand Strategist

The survey e-FocusGroups created and fielded for us provided unexpected information I would never have guessed. I was able to recommend a change of strategy to my client, that I could not have made without this invaluable data! The pricing was great and the report arrived in record time. Thank you David!

Mary Ann BautistaPresident, Bautista Direct Marketing, Inc.

My colleagues and I were very happy with the project and the tool. We felt you did a great job squeezing so much information in 2 hours.┬áNext time we have a project like this one I’ll be sure to reach out to you. It’s been a pleasure working with you as well for me.

Clara Perez PerucchiProject Manager M1nd-Set, Switzerland

This real-time text chat proved to be an excellent tool to draw out honest, candid comments. I admit I was curious as to how the silent dialogue would support useful and meaningful intentions. OK, I was skeptical, but after the first focus group, there was no doubt that this system delivers. Very pleased with the results. Look forward to tomorrow’s groups.

Vice President, Education & OutreachConcordia Plan Services

Great job! We are very impressed with your work.

Research ManagerNational Coalition for Advanced Manufacturing Washington, D.C.

The website usability focus group went very well, and we were quite happy with the results. The respondents were perfect and the format was very impressive. My partner was especially impressed with the technology. The report was great… We are VERY pleased and definitely want to continue to work with you. The client was also quite happy.

Mary Hall President Action Online

I especially appreciated how quickly you were able to pull these two online groups together and the quick turn-around of the report. Your ability to provide streaming video in the groups gave us the consumer feedback we needed to optimize our TV commercial. And the report is just what we were looking for.

Joe DachowiczDirector of Market Research, Trane Heating & Cooling

David’s web-survey services provided tremendous value to our organization. Due to an upcoming Holiday season, we approached him with a very aggressive timeframe to design, implement and analyze an online research study. He executed and delivered on time and on budget. Most importantly, the insight gained into our customers, prospects and competitors is invaluable and has become a central driver of our future business strategy. I would definitely consider using David again for my future research needs.

Vice President, MarketingColorado Prime Foods

Thank you, David! Excellent job maximizing the value of the focus groups by mining the attendees. As you know, we are involved in one of the newest and fastest developing e-commerce segments. You were able to quickly understand the marketing issues that we needed to address and the kinds of specific insights we needed from the focus group participants. You were able to get representatives that matched our target audiences exactly. You were an excellent catalyst for getting the group to offer their frank opinions, to be as specific as possible, and to constructively challenge or refine each other’s opinions. You unobtrusively guided the group through all the topics in the available time so all our areas of concern were covered. I would engage you again whenever we need the insights that a well planned and executed focus group can offer.

V.P. MarketingOrder Fusion, Inc.

The report was received well. I liked the format and felt that e-FocusGroups did a great job organizing the data and interpreting the results. The timing was excellent for us given our upcoming merger and redesign of the web site. The information is definitely being used in our planning.

Director of Associate / One and Only Network

Thanks for the terrific report on the focus groups. I sent it to a wide distribution and already got back ‘great work’ email from the CFO.

Marketing DirectorSoftware Company

I want to thank you for your hard work on the Pactel project. In many respects, your role on this assignment was that of the unsung hero. Having written many qualitative reports myself, I appreciate the amount of effort required to bring birth to such a fine report. I know that many of the constructs we all came to rely upon during our final analysis process were your creation. I especially appreciate the value of you stretching the findings from ‘insight to action.

Director of Marketing ResearchRegis McKenna, Inc.

We found David’s leadership of the groups innovative, sensitive to our information needs and particularly successful in surfacing the thoughts of participants. We were most impressed with the easy manner in which he was able to conduct younger children though the focus group process. His final report and client debriefing was concise, actionable and addressed our strategic questions regarding the product. Without exception, we found Dr. Van Nuys to be highly professional, well-prepared, conscious of our information requirements and remarkably gifted as a focus group moderator.

Research SupervisorD'Arcy MacManus Masius Advertising

Your outstanding skills in communicating and probing for reactions to product concepts, advertising stimulus materials and future direction are, needless to say, superior and resulted in very good qualitative research for our product positioning and advertising plans. We integrated the feedback from the groups into our advertising as well as our overall marketing strategy.

Director of MarketingCornerstone Technology

I want to thank you for the excellent work you did in facilitating our two focus groups this month. Although we were dealing with some fairly technical material, you took the time to understand what it was we were trying to accomplish and were very open to our ideas and suggestions… It was very refreshing to see a professional at work. Your ability to bring people together, be on their side, and get them to open up and talk contributed to a successful activity and got us the data we needed.

Product Marketing ManagerApple Computer

David is well-balanced, understated and bright, with a very quick grasp of the issues. He puts the panelists at ease and keeps the necessary control of the discussion while stimulating it and addressing all the issues on the agenda. He also writes the most readable, well-written reports and management summaries I have ever obtained from a vendor. David’s well-rounded and strong background in psychology is evident in his work. He is also very knowledgeable and comfortable with high-tech issues. I do not hesitate to recommend David’s professional services. I sincerely believe he is the best moderator we have used to date in this Division of Hewlett-Packard.

Market Research ManagerHewlett Packard, Corvallis, OR

To meet the challenges that our changing market has to offer, we need to seek out and nurture strong relationships with the best suppliers in the industry. You are one of those suppliers… From the onset of the project, your firm made suggestions that reached far beyond the task that was outlined in the request for proposal. These suggestions demonstrated a fresh approach to traditional focus groups and thoughtful consideration of our objectives and process. During the implementation your methods challenged us to listen to our customer. Your final analysis yielded information rich in an understanding of customer perceptions… It uncovered valuable insights while remaining on target, keeping our main purpose in mind. It was so greatly received that it achieved wide distribution and use throughout the organization. David, your enthusiasm and commitment to the project affected the whole team…

General ManagerMarketing and Vice President, Eastman Kodak

David is not only my first choice for attitude research in consumer and technical products; he is my best example of how focus group research can benefit the entire process of designing, manufacturing and marketing products… David’s research provided the key to winning the largest portable computer contract in history… This kind of success is the best possible recommendation.

PresidentBruce Glassner Advertising

I was very happy with the Brainchild Forum threaded discussions results from the sessions in New York City. They were very, very helpful. I am looking forward to doing sessions in other markets.

V.P., MarketingGuardian Angel

Just wanted to let you know that the final pitch meeting went extremely well, and your research really helped solidify our recommendations.. So, again, we really appreciate your help, flexibility and dedication to making this happen, and hopefully we can have a few more projects come out of this one!.

Joe FeldmanDirector of Strategic Planning Donat/Wald Advertising

We just used David for some online groups for another client and had a very good experience. He provides high-touch client service that you aren’t likely to get from large firms and is a very skilled moderator. Thumbs up!

Director of Client ServicesInRhythm Marketing Communications