Smart Watches Poised to Become Another Tool for Online Market Research

As new technology is introduced to the marketplace, consumers adopt new products and shuffle them into their daily routines. This is increasingly true for smart watches, which have significantly grown in usefulness and popularity over the last few years. New features that allow people to receive notifications, and track exercise performance and sleep cycles all help to provide greater depth of information for researchers. When combined with follow-up interviews or in-depth discussions, smart watches are extremely valuable tools when conducting online market research. Understanding the growing trend of consumers tracking and sharing personal data with smart watches will help organizations make the most out of these new opportunities.

Gathering Quantitative Data on Consumers

Although still in their early stages of development, smart watches are already doing a lot for companies in the fitness, health, and pharmaceutical industries. The positive about smart watches is that there is a wide variety of options available and a range of price points to appeal to all consumers. According to, the market for these watches is expected to explode in 2015. Even more smart watches are expected to find their way onto the wrists of even more customers when the Apple Watch hits shelves later this year.

Currently, smart watches measure a number of vital signs that users want to track. These include the following health metrics:

  • Changes in weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Sleep patterns
  • Diet plans

In addition, runners and fitness enthusiasts can log miles run and weights lifted so they can follow along with an exercise routine. All of this information is displayed and easily accessed on a smart watch, making it much simpler and appealing for people to use the watch and companion apps on their phone or tablet. When companies make apps for a smart watch, the information collected connects to apps or mobile sites on Android or IOS devices. As a result, researchers get the quantitative information they need in a way that is most convenient for all parties.

Following Up for Qualitative Information

After information is collected, researchers can gain greater insight by reviewing the data with consumers. An online market research plan that includes one-on-one online interviews, online focus groups, online diaries or multi-day online bulletin-board discussions helps go beyond numbers and connects organizations with their consumers on a deeper level. These convenient research methods build off of the data gathered by smart watches and mobile apps, and help researchers understand the causes behind certain consumer behaviors.

For example, a medical company may see that research subjects wearing smart watches to bed log erratic sleep schedules. In order to see why this is the case, they can use online interviews and focus groups to learn if a person’s lifestyle, such as having to work late, or getting up early to exercise, has an effect in any way.

Connecting with consumers, and using the most advanced and relevant market research tools available, helps companies and organizations get the highest quality and greatest level of accuracy in qualitative and quantitative data. To learn more about online research methods for your company, contact a representative at e-FocusGroups today at (707) 585-7363.

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