Online Market Survey


Qualitative and quantitative research often go hand in hand, one supplementing the other.

A quantitative web-based survey can provide the numbers you need to back up qualitative insights.

We will design a survey for you and place it on our own secure web site.

Your interactive, online survey can have a mix of closed-end questions (quantitative) and open-end questions (qualitative), according to the needs of your project.

Other options include photo/video responses from respondent smart phones, quantitative polling within the discussion, and/or participation from a mobile platform.

For example, see the survey we did for a client testing interest in a new product.

Moreover, we can now add respondent video open-ends to your survey, adding a qualitative component that allows you to see/hear your customers. Integrating video open-ends into your web survey provides a uniquely rich perspective. Your survey takers will be engaged in ways not possible before, giving you their candid opinions, attitudes and thoughts – beyond just a few sentences of text.

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