David Van Nuys, Ph.D.

For more than 20 years, David Van Nuys has specialized in providing both online market research and traditional qualitative research to a wide variety of industries. His blend of training and background experiences combine to make his work uniquely effective.

A former electrical-engineering student and teacher of university level computer programming courses, he has a unique ability to deal with highly technical subjects in an unusually clear way.

His early experience as an advertising copywriter contributes to his overall marketing savvy. His reports consistently win kudos from clients for their clarity, focus, and readability.

A University of Michigan trained psychologist, David has led groups of one sort or another all his professional life. He is good both at creating a supportive atmosphere and at “cutting through the bull” to get at key issues.

David is actively involved with QRCA (The Qualitative Research Consultants Association), having served on the Board of Directors, and numerous committees. For several years, he was Technical Features Editor for the association’s award-winning, quarterly magazine, VIEWS. Later, he served two years as that publication’s Editor-in-Chief. Currently, he is Podcast Editor.

With a worldwide audience, David also hosts a popular podcast series, Shrink Rap Radio, in which he interviews other interesting psychologists. He also produced a market research podcast for QRCA.


Tony Wolff

Tony Wolff is a nationally recognized strategy, marketing and branding expert with 25+ years experience consulting to such companies as The New York Times, Eastman Kodak, Texas Instruments, Hewlett Packard, and many others. Tony is both a skilled moderator and a  high-level, creative thinker. For many years, he ran his own independent business: Tony Wolff and Company.

John Pagliaro

John Pagliaro is a nationally recognized marketing and branding expert with 25+ years experience managing technology, B2B and B2C programs, as well as online market research, for companies ranging from early-stage startups to global, Fortune 100 corporations. John’s expertise lies in providing marketing and business development consulting. He develops  comprehensive business and marketing plans; corporate and product positioning strategies; marketing communications and brand development; and direct and indirect sales support programs. John founded and grew a marketing and advertising firm, Pagliaro/Kuhlman, to one of the largest, most respected agencies in Silicon Valley. John sold that business in 1999.

Matt Towers, MBA

Matt Towers is a highly experienced online market research specialist who works in both traditional face-to-face and online methodologies. His particular expertise focuses on high-technology product development, interface design, and usability testing. During his career he has worked as in-house researcher, independent consultant, and has also run his own research company. His clients have included Adobe, Broderbund, Oracle, and IBM among others.

Rose Marie Garcia Fontana, Ph.D.

Rose Marie has over 16 years of experience in General and Hispanic Market Research as a focus group moderator, interviewer, online market research specialist, and ethnographer. Rose Marie is a former educator and obtained her Ph.D. from Stanford University’s School of Education, in Language, Literacy and Culture. A native speaker of Spanish, her bilingual and bicultural skills are excellent, and she is capable of delivering coherent, concise information and reports in either language. She is exceptionally skillful in engaging research respondents, especially women and children, in both formal and informal research settings. Rose Marie has carried out projects for a wide range of clients: national and international consumer product companies and department stores, health maintenance organizations and hospitals, school districts and universities, and community non-profits.