Online Video Focus Groups

Sometimes, you just want to see their faces, hear their voices.

Online Video Focus Groups provide that extra degree of reality.


Watch as we use Online Focus Groups to expertly interview your targeted respondents, either individually or in small groups.

As they react to your products/services/advertising/concepts, you’ll not only see their faces in real-time. You will also hear their voices. And read their supplementary text chat.

See them react to your website or streaming ad video.

You will watch in real-time from your own desktop, whether at work or home Using a different technology, we are able to record video of a respondent reacting to your stimuli, be it a web page, a print ad, a video ad, a concept statement, or whatever! In addition, the window showing the respondent can be larger than in the example you see here.


We see to it that a compatible webcam is shipped to each respondent and they are provided with the technical support to get them up and running.

Using our desktop focus groups, you’ll gain ethnographic insights as a result of seeing respondents in their home or office environments instead of an artificial focus group room.

Video Focus Groups save you the cost and increasing bother of travel to different cities. Let us bring the research participants to you. From around the country. Or around the world.

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