The Brainchild Forum


Brainchild. As in having a really great idea.

Bulletin-board style, threaded discussions that run over 3 to 5 days provide an effective online environment, both for stimulating creativity and for evaluating concepts in depth.

Real-time online focus groups are a great way to quickly and economically solicit respondent input. Responses tend to be brief, however, because of the 90-minute format. And, it is generally recommended that the size of real-time, online groups be limited to around 10 respondents. For these reasons, some clients prefer the longer format of threaded discussions.

By contrast, the format of multi-day, threaded talks accommodates 15 to 20 respondents, along with much more time to formulate their own thoughts and to interact with one another. Respondents check into the forum several times a day over the course of a number of days. The moderator posts new questions to the forum each day. Visual stimuli can also be uploaded to the site for respondent evaluation.

This approach typically leads to a transcript of 100 pages or more, full of rich material for insight mining.

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